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Toxic conservative strategy is in play

April 14, 2018 GMT

Now that the GOP has made another major transfer of wealth from the general economy to the chosen few, it is time for a review. Contrary to some opinions, the Republicans have a very well-defined plan on how to pay for it. They named the plan “starve-the-beast.” The plan is actually very simple. At every opportunity transfer wealth from the general economy to the chosen few. Wait for the inevitable economic crises. Convince the general public that they must accept deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other social programs to save the country. Keep watch and you will see articles telling us why we need to start those cuts now. These articles follow every tax cut as sure as night follows day. Please go online and search “tax cuts and starve-the-beast” and start reading. Your future will be effected.

Jim Pierce

Santa Fe

Compliments to Carrillo

Compliments to the Santa Fe school board and board President Steven Carrillo for taking a stand for the safety of children and against violence and corruption (“Critic fired up over vote on NRA funding,” April 6). The National Rifle Association is a criminal organization that has successfully lobbied to keep assault weapons on the streets and to allow individuals on terrorist watch-lists to have guns. They need to be stopped by any means possible.

Kenneth Warner

Santa Fe

Mock trial funding

I was dismayed to hear that Gov. Susana Martinez vetoed the funding for such an important extracurricular academic program as mock-trial. I coached this event for 22 years at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque. Many of the dozens of students whom I coached went on to receive advanced degrees, and several are now practicing attorneys. Many credit their success to the discipline and study necessary to be successful in mock trial competition.

The funding, which Gov. Martinez vetoed, had been in place for many, many years. Former Chief Justice Gene Franchini would certainly disagree with her decision. As an attorney and former prosecutor, she should certainly know the importance of citizens who are capable of critical thinking and good judgment in a democratic society. Governor, talk to any student, current or former, who has competed in mock trial, and they will verify how valuable this program is.

Tomas Fernandez

retired educator

Santa Fe