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Citizens Must Take Action Against Drugs

August 10, 2018 GMT

Editor: Wyoming Valley is drug polluted. Every day, front-page articles appear concerning the opioid crisis. Shattered families state how they lost a loved one through drug addiction. As a result, the families suffer and grieve forever. Our elected officials have come forward, held the hands of the grieved families and then sponsor “feel-good” legislation that stalls in Harrisburg. Why haven’t our elected officials demanded that the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI stop these dangerous drugs form entering Wyoming Valley? Our communities are being flooded by drugs being transported from New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia. A record number of drug deaths have occurred here in 2016, 2017 and most likely in 2018. Our federal agencies have failed in the drug war and now Wyoming Valley is under attack. Did you ever wonder why the drug task forces never arrest anyone but low-level drug dealers? It is time for the citizens of Wyoming Valley to take action. Several others and I propose to organize a citizens’ committee to confront our elected officials and also federal and state drug task force officials to hold them accountable for failing to stop the influx of these dangerous drugs flooding our communities. We will demand public hearings and picket to identify these officials who have neglected their responsibilities and taken huge salaries while our young adults and adolescents are dying. If you are also sick and tired of reading about the drug crisis and believe that we do not have much time left to confront this attack on our way of life, then we ask you to contact us. Please join us in the good fight that we must win. Greg Griffin SWOYERSVILLE