Tax code needs a complete overhaul -- Joshua Pade

May 6, 2018 GMT

Matthew DeFour’s April 29 State Journal article, “ Plenty of ideas for rewriting tax laws,” discussed the views of several gubernatorial candidates on taxes, but not mine. I have extensively studied and worked in tax policy and bring a fresh perspective to Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, and in our country, tax systems are antiquated. Wisconsin needs progressive tax reform that creates the environment for high-wage job growth, business investment and middle-class income security -- structured for today’s changing demographics and technology. From rates, to collection, to filing, everything needs reform, and I’m confident Wisconsin can lead with a 21st century tax system.

The article correctly points out that Wisconsin remains one of the highest taxed states in the nation. Our taxes are also regressive and a hindrance to high-wage job growth. We have the worst of both worlds. We need a bipartisan commission to propose meaningful change to our tax code based on progressive and pro-growth principles, tailored to today’s economy and technology.

The divisive political story line stifles reform and leaves hard working people behind. It doesn’t have to be that way. We need to return Wisconsin to a tradition of achieving big reforms. And we can. Because we have what no other state has -- us. We are Wisconsin.

Joshua Pade, Milwaukee, candidate for governor