Eric Clapton to release ‘Live in San Diego’ album

August 5, 2016 GMT

After years of delays, Eric Clapton’s “Live in San Diego With Special Guest JJ Cale” will finally be released. The 16-song collection is due out Sept. 30 as a 2-CD set or 3-LP vinyl set on 180 gram vinyl. It will also be released as a digital album and includes all five songs Clapton performed at his 2007 San Diego concert with reclusive Valley Center troubadour Cale, who died here in 2013 at the age of 74.

“Live in San Diego” was recorded March 15, 2007, at the iPayOne Center (the venue originally known as the San Diego Sports Arena and now known as Valley View Casino Center). The concert, part of the English blues-rock legend’s 2007 world tour, is historically significant because it was the only show on that tour at which Clapton was joined on stage by Cale, one of his biggest musical influences. (The album’s full track listing appears below.)

The 180 gram vinyl version of “Live in San Diego” is exclusively available at Ericclapton.com, as well as a T-shirt and album bundle. The complete track listing is below; Cale appears on songs six through 10. The concert was filmed for DVD release, but Clapton’s New York press representative said on Friday morning that there will not be a DVD of the show, although a video of Clapton and Cale performing “Any Way the Wind Blows”at their San Diego show can now be viewed on YouTube.

Clapton had hoped to have Cale join him for a good chunk of the tour, which followed their Grammy Award-winning duo album, “Road to Escondido.” But the spotlight-shunning Cale politely declined that invitation.

“I’m pretty much retired; I’ve done everything I wanted to do,” Cale noted in a 2006 Union-Tribune interview. “The difference between Eric and me is, he’ll go ahead and say `I’ll do it.′ And I’ll turn most (things) down.”

Happily, Cale did concert to join Clapton for his San Diego concert, although he asked that his guest spot not be disclosed ahead of time. It was Clapton’s first area appearance in a decade and one of his finest performances here ever. Watching and hearing him and Cale side by side was a treat, both for its musical quality and because it was such a rare occurrence.

Clapton and Cale first performed together in 1975 in London. While they became good friends, the two did not appear on stage again together until 2004, which is why their 2007 concert collaboration in San Diego was even more notable.

As the Union-Tribune’s review of that concert noted:

“Clapton’s ongoing tour has taken him from London to Shanghai and from Budapest to Bangkok. But Thursday’s show was the sole date to feature a cameo by Cale, who has long been one of Clapton’s idols.

“Sitting side-by-side with (fellow guitarists Derek) Trucks and (Doyle) Bramhall, Clapton and Cale amiably sang and played together on such Cale-penned gems as “After Midnight,” “Cocaine” and the more recent “Don’t Cry Sister” and “Who Am I Telling You?” Clearly delighted, Clapton beamed and grinned throughout Cale’s five-song guest spot.”

Clapton has long cited Cale as one of his most profound musical inspirations and his hit recordings of such Cale classics as “After Midnight” and “Cocaine” helped introduce Cale and his music to a much wider audience in the 1970s.

In 2014, Clapton released the heartfelt tribute album, “Eric Clapton & Friends: The Breeze, An Appreciation of JJ Cale,” which featured 16 of Cale’s songs.

“I felt compelled to honor the memory of JJ, because he had meant so much to me,” Clapton said in a 2014 Union-Tribune interview.

“It’s a personal mission, really. Sometimes I’ve thought JJ ought to be better, or more widely, appreciated, not just in America, but everywhere. So I’ve always enjoyed playing his music and letting people know that he’s there. He doesn’t need me — he never needed me — to do that. But I was always compelled to. When he passed, I felt I needed to say: ‘Thank you.’ (This album) was a way for me to say thank you and to invite other people to thank him.”

The 180 gram vinyl version of “Live in San Diego” is exclusively available at Ericclapton.com, as well as a T-shirt and album bundle. Here is the complete track listing; Cale appears on songs six through 10. There is no word about whether the concert, which was also filmed, will be released in DVD form, as was originally planned.

1. Tell The Truth

2. Key To The Highway

3. Got To Get Better In A Little While

4. Little Wing

5. Anyday

6. Anyway The Wind Blows

7. After Midnight

8. Who Am I Telling You?

9. Don’t Cry Sister

10. Cocaine

11. Motherless Children

12. Little Queen Of Spades

13. Further On Up The Road

14. Wonderful Tonight

15. Layla

16. Crossroads