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On this day in history in The Citizen: Nov. 29, 2016

November 29, 2016 GMT

Nov. 29, 1936Members of the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company in Auburn, Seneca Falls and Geneva held a banquet at the Osborne Hotel Saturday evening, to celebrate the first anniversary of Manager Robert W. Carroll, under whose direction the Auburn agency has attained the honor of leading the entire country in percentage of ordinary insurance written to quota.Prizes were awarded to Agents Joseph Wawro, Arthur Jerome and a special prize went to Robert H. Hunter for outstanding sales achievement. A floor lamp marked with an engraved plate to commemorate this first anniversary was presented to District Manager Carroll by the members of the agency.Nov. 29, 1961Hundreds of cartons lined the lower hall of St. Alphonsus School and even spread over into several of the basement rooms today. A huge truck was used to haul the donations of the St. Alphonsus and other Auburn parishes to New York City, the center for the annual Bishops Clothing Collection project for later distribution. Stacking some of the 365 cartons were James E. Kehoe, James Mahaney and William G. McConnell.Nov. 29, 2006The Owasco Outlet is no more. The waters that flow from the north end of Owasco Lake through five counties before connecting to the Seneca River will now carry the name of Owasco River. The U.S. Board on Geographic Names approved changing the title last month.Former Auburn mayor Melina Carnicelli requested the name change from the state Geographic Names Committee, who rerouted it to the federal board in November 2003 because of staffing shortages. She found a 100-year-old map that referred to the waterway as a river and has referred to it as such ever since, despite the official moniker at the time was outlet.Nov. 29, 2011Auburn workers will once again take part in one of the city’s most honored holiday-season traditions — crow hazing — but officials say the program won’t start until all of the winged guests of honor arrive.City Manager Douglas Selby, who will experience his first crow hazing program this year at the city’s helm, said the plan is to wait until all the crows fly in before starting the campaign against what some deem an avian menace. The city workers may have learned a lesson regarding the most opportune time to conduct the hazing program last year, when two hazing programs were required, one in October and another in December.