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Newspaper lacking in news, quality

October 19, 2017 GMT

I have recently received two complimentary copies of the Sunday News-Review with a note encouraging me to subscribe. I would really like to support a local newspaper, but unfortunately there simply is not enough news in the paper to support.

Maybe it is because the Sunday paper is issued in the morning as compared to the daily evening, but I truly did not recognize the front page. There was a photo of a woman grooming another woman and a human interest story, an article about how Douglas County will send firefighters to help with the fires in California, and an article about the Glide Fire Barbecue fundraiser. There is not a single world or even national story in the entire A section. Readers must go elsewhere to get real news.

In a quick glance at the articles in this section, I caught three glaring typographic errors. I used to get The News-Review simply so that I could know what is happening around town, but the overall quality and content of the paper has diminished to the point that I cannot justify the expense of a subscription.

Susan Carter