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Pet food pantry partners with aging program

January 2, 2019

HUNTINGTON — A Culloden dog boarder is teaming up with the Putnam County Aging Program to assist seniors in caring for their beloved four-legged family members.

Odana Chaney, owner of Dogwood Boarding, started the nonprofit Scout’s Honor Pet Food Pantry last year to provide senior pet owners in Cabell, Lincoln and Putnam counties with nutritiously sound food for their pets.

Just in time for Christmas this year, Chaney teamed up with the Putnam County Aging Program to provide its seniors with food for their pets.

Putnam Aging provides more than 3,000 home-delivered meals to 150-plus seniors in Putnam County every month. Many of the seniors have limited income and struggle to obtain food and other necessities for themselves and their pets.

In the first month, Scout’s Honor Pet Food Pantry provided Putnam Aging with food for 63 cats and 34 dogs that belong to the clients receiving in-home meal delivery. The food was delivered by Putnam Aging staff and volunteers and will become a monthly occurrence.

“Based on the warm reception we received from clients, we plan on distributing with Meals on Wheels once a month until we find a stride that works best for everyone,” Chaney said.

Chaney started the pet food pantry as her way to give back to the community that supports her small business. With previous experience working as a receptionist in a veterinary office, she saw elderly pet owners having to choose between their own basic needs or their pets, with one man selling everything, including his home, to afford his dog’s surgery.

Chaney partners with area food pantries to identify those in need.

“In the past year, we have focused mostly on small food pantry outreach and emergency relief efforts,” she said. “In the next year, we hope to extend our sphere of impact and build a network of donors and donation points throughout the area. It’s hard to pin down an exact number, or even approximate number, of people or pets that we have helped because we do not require reports back from our pantries - but I’ve definitely pushed the weight limits on the back axle of my car hauling kibble.”

The pantry also assists those in need after natural disasters and those escaping domestic violence situations. To receive assistance, contact Chaney at scoutshonorpfp@gmail.com.

To donate to the pantry, visit www.dogwoodboarding.com/scoutshonor where a PayPal link is located. You can also purchase items from Scout’s Honor’s Amazon wish list.

Chaney will also partner with businesses to host donation bins. Email her for more information.

To volunteer to help deliver pet food to home-bound seniors, contact Putnam Aging at 304-755-2385.

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