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Man, 40, accused of raping woman

May 10, 2018 GMT

At first, the victim was reluctant to press charges because she knew her attacker’s family.

But when he returned to her home just after the alleged rape and sat outside her home in his red pickup truck, texting her and refusing to leave, she decided otherwise.

Christopher G. Platter, 40, of the 1700 block of Emerson Avenue, was charged Tuesday with three counts of rape, sexual battery and criminal confinement with a misdemeanor charge for unlawful possession of a firearm by a domestic batterer.

He was being held at Allen County Jail in lieu of $50,750 bail, arrested Thursday on a probation violation, according to a jail spokesman.


According to court documents, on Nov. 26, Platter showed up at the woman’s home on what was supposed to be a first date. But after the first kiss, Platter became aggressive. When she told him she didn’t want things to go further, he held her down by her forearms, documents said.

Instead of going out, he stayed at her place, told her about his criminal background, said he was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and that he was a “big-time drug dealer.” To make sure she knew he was serious, he pulled out a Smith & Wesson revolver and placed it on the table, court records said.

He was prepared to hunt her down and other women, too, she told police.

Platter also threatened to kill her cat stating that “all he would have to do is throw it against the wall a couple of times and the cat will be done,” court documents said. 

During this exchange, court records said, he was drinking alcohol and snorted a white powder substance.

He forcibly took off her clothes and tried to force her into a sex act before raping her. He passed out naked on a bed, which is how the police found him, court records said.

Since the alleged rape, the woman has sought medical care for her back, hips, knees and has trouble doing ordinary movements. At the Sexual Assault Treatment Center, an examiner reported a vaginal tear, court documents.

The victim said when medicine wasn’t working, she lost feeling in her left leg, describing it as “pins and needles.” The woman told police that she was taken off work because of infections in her joints that came as a result of injections to treat her injuries.