Starting from the bottom: Films ranked 51-72

November 16, 2016 GMT

#72. “Left Behind”

Smart Rating: 28.48Release year: 2014Genre: Action, ThrillerAn airline pilot (Nicolas Cage) and a journalist (Chad Michael Murray) are among those who must try to make sense of a prophetic event causing millions of people to suddenly vanish.

#71. “Outcast”

Smart Rating: 29.86

Release year: 2014Genre: Action, Historical Drama, Martial ArtsA fugitive Chinese prince and his sister enlist the aid of two war-weary Crusaders (Nicolas Cage, Hayden Christensen) to help them defeat their older brother, who murdered their father and seized the throne.

#70. “Pay the Ghost”

Smart Rating: 30.52

Release year: 2015Genre: Thriller, MysteryHaunted by eerie images and unexplainable messages, a man (Nicolas Cage) tries to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his son.

#69. “Deadfall”

Smart Rating: 30.62

Release year: 1993Genre: ThrillerA New Yorker (Michael Biehn) heads to California to find the look-alike brother (James Coburn) of his con-man father.

#68. “Dying of the Light”

Smart Rating: 31.37

Release year: 2014Genre: Action, ThrillerForced into retirement and terminally ill, a CIA agent (Nicolas Cage) gets word that his longtime nemesis (Alexander Karim) has resurfaced, so he sets out on a personal mission to kill him.

#67. “The Wicker Man”

Smart Rating: 31.46Release year: 2006Genre: HorrorA lawman (Nicolas Cage) uncovers strange rituals, a sinister harvest festival and possible human sacrifice as he searches for a missing girl on a secluded island.

#66. “Bangkok Dangerous”

Smart Rating: 32.46

Release year: 2008Genre: Action, ThrillerOn a mission to carry out a series of contract killings, a hit man (Nicolas Cage) becomes a street punk’s unlikely mentor and begins a tentative romance with a shop girl.

#65. “Tokarev”

Smart Rating: 33.05

Release year: 2014Genre: Thriller, ActionFollowing the kidnapping and murder of his daughter (Aubrey Peeples), a reformed criminal (Nicolas Cage) returns to his old ways to exact vengeance.

#64. “Trespass”

Smart Rating: 33.13

Release year: 2011Genre: ThrillerA husband (Nicolas Cage) and wife’s (Nicole Kidman) own deceptions and betrayals come to light when thieves invade their home and hold them hostage.

#63. “Season of the Witch”

Smart Rating: 33.15

Release year: 2011Genre: Action, Horror, ThrillerKnights (Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman) escort an accused witch to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in the hope of ending the pestilence ravaging Europe.

#62. “Fire Birds”

Smart Rating: 33.37

Release year: 1990Genre: ActionArmy lovers (Nicolas Cage, Sean Young) and their task-force leader (Tommy Lee Jones) join the drug war in Apache assault helicopters.

#61. “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

Smart Rating: 33.39

Release year: 2012Genre: Action, FantasyJohnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) gets a chance to rid himself of the Ghost Rider curse forever when members of a secret church hire him to save a boy from Satan (Ciarán Hinds).

#60. “The Runner”

Smart Rating: 33.97

Release year: 2015Genre: DramaAn embarrassing video threatens the career of an idealistic Louisiana congressman (Nicolas Cage) who dreams of running for the Senate.

#59. “Seeking Justice”

Smart Rating: 34.38

Release year: 2011Genre: Thriller, Action, DramaA stranger (Guy Pearce) approaches a high-school teacher (Nicolas Cage) and offers to punish his wife’s (January Jones) attacker.

#58. “Amos & Andrew”

Smart Rating: 34.76

Release year: 1993Genre: ComedyA car thief (Nicolas Cage) helps inept police (Dabney Coleman) when they overreact to reports of a burglar in the home of an author (Samuel L. Jackson) in an exclusive neighborhood.

#57. “Stolen”

Smart Rating: 35.11Release year: 2012Genre: Action, ThrillerA former thief (Nicolas Cage) has just 12 hours to come up with $10 million after his former partner (Josh Lucas) kidnaps his daughter and locks her in a cab.

#56. “G-Force”

Smart Rating: 35.5

Release year: 2009Genre: Children, Action, Adventure, ComedyArmed with the latest high-tech spy equipment, a guinea pig and his team of highly trained rodents hold the fate of the world in their diminutive paws.

#55. “8MM”

Smart Rating: 35.92

Release year: 1999Genre: ThrillerA widow hires a man (Nicolas Cage) to identify a teen killed in a snuff film that was stashed in her husband’s safe.

#54. “Ghost Rider”

Smart Rating: 37.01

Release year: 2007Genre: Action, FantasyA motorcycle stuntman (Nicolas Cage) who sold his soul to save a loved one becomes a fiery agent for justice at night in the presence of evil.

#53. “Christmas Carol: The Movie”

Smart Rating: 37.71

Release year: 2001Genre: Children, Holiday, Fantasy, AnimatedEbeneezer Scrooge (Simon Callow) is visited by former partner Marley, then the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and an earnest mouse to help him change his cold heart -- and his fate -- just in time for the holiday.

#52. “Zandalee”

Smart Rating: 40.47Release year: 1991Genre: DramaAn artist (Nicolas Cage) drifts to New Orleans and explores the theme of lust with his poet buddy’s (Judge Reinhold) wife (Erika Anderson).

#51. “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”

Smart Rating: 41.52

Release year: 2001Genre: Drama, Romance, WarIn World War II Greece an Italian officer (Nicolas Cage) falls for a doctor’s (John Hurt) daughter (Penélope Cruz) who thinks her fiancée is dead.