Books, lanterns given to students

September 5, 2016

A swan born without a voice is about to make a lot of new friends. Every student in the Corinth School District took home the book, “The Trumpet of the Swan” on Friday. It’s part of Project REACH (Reading Expands A Community’s Horizon), the second year program funded by the Corinth School District Foundation who sent the book, a white lantern and a tailored reading schedule home with all K-12 students in the district. “We are embarking on another special journey this year through the pages of a wonderful new book,” said Superintendent Lee Childress. “We hope that each student’s family will read this book together during the months of September and October. I am personally asking each family to make time to participate with the community and the school district in this project.” A 1970s classic children’s novel by E.B. White, “The Trumpet of the Swan” tells the story of Louis, a trumpeter swan born without a voice and trying to overcome it by learning the play a trumpet. Throughout the book, Louis works hard to impress a beautiful swan named Serena. Childress is encouraging families read aloud and discuss the book at home. “This can be valuable because it better prepares children to be effective readers,” he said. “It is our hope that everyone – students, parents, teachers and community members – will participate through reading the book.” The white lantern, also sent home Friday with students, should be hung outside each family’s home to signify they are participating the districtwide read. Last year, red lanterns could be spotted hanging on porches throughout the city. The red lantern coincided with the district’s first Project REACH book, “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon” by Grace Lin. “While ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’ might be advanced for many of our younger elementary children, reading professionals often stress the benefits of reading aloud to children,” said Childress. “It builds focus and the ability of the child to visualize a story. We believe it will foster a love of reading.” Teachers will also discuss the book at school. Activities which coincide with the book will take place at school and social media posts will encourage and reward children and the community for reading. “Art, music and other activities will be planned to celebrate the reading of the book as while as a few evening and weekend activities that will involve the entire community,” said CSD Marketing Manager Taylor Coombs. “This year, we will be also be having a fun social media ‘trumpet trivia’ contest on our district Facebook page” Coombs said she will be sharing and collecting photos of families in the district reading and hanging lanterns. “I encourage everyone to please share their photos with me,” added Coombs. “Let’s make ‘Louis the Trumpeting Swan’ a household name this fall.” (Find the school district on Facebook at facebook.com/corinthschooldistrict.)