State offering to produce, emplace roadside memorials

November 14, 2019 GMT

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — The Nebraska Transportation Department is offering to produce and emplace roadside memorials as a way to keep state highways free of roadside safety hazards.

The new departmental policy announced Wednesday says each sign will display the name of the person being memorialized and include one of five safety messages: “Please Drive Safely”; “Seat Belts Save Lives”; “Don’t Drink and Drive”; “Don’t Text and Drive”; and “Don’t Drive Impaired.” The sign will be placed as near to the accident site as possible.

Family members who have placed private memorials alongside state highways are encouraged to contact their local department offices to discuss disposition of the memorials and get information on the state installing new signs. More information is available online.

The department’s Jeni Campana says the state-produced signs would be of a familiar design and would pose less of a safety hazard than the irregular appearance of private memorials.