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Yes, people do win Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes: Sioux Falls woman has $5M to prove it

March 4, 2018

Yes, there really are real people who win real money jumping through all those Publishers Clearinghouse hoops, such as a Sioux Falls woman who was presented with one of those giant checks Saturday representing her nearly $5 million windfall.

Publishers Clearing House representatives Danielle Lam and Howie Guja ran up to her on the street outside her residence and shocked the 59-year-old insurance company employee and hospital chaplain, sending her into grateful gasps as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Every day, every day I have entered for years, Steffes said as the Publishers Clearing House camera rolled.

Dont ever give up, dont ever give up, she said, addressing others who enter but have yet to win. It actually happens.

The oversized check was emblazoned with the exact total: $4,978,632.00. Her presenters also had a bouquet of red roses and a balloons for Steffes, a cancer survivor who declared that bills will be paid.

Otherwise, she showed great humor, asking someone to tell my landlord he cant raise my rent.

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