Fowl Campus

March 5, 2018 GMT

A community college in Eugene, Oregon is being overrun by wild turkeys.

KOMO reports that Eugene City Council member Greg Evans says there are “gangster” turkeys roaming around Lane Community College.

“There is turkey feces everywhere,” he said, “and they’re not scared of humans.”

The wild turkeys have prompted the City Council to take action. The city is currently working on a public relations campaign to educate citizens about rat-proofing their yards, but to combat the turkeys, officials are considering tough action.

City council member Chris Pryor said, “My interest would be an ordinance that bans feeding wildlife, and then you can create exceptions to it.” Such exceptions would include allowing the usual domestic bird feeders, but if someone feeds the wildlife, that’s a violation.

City Manager Jon Ruiz will return in a few weeks with options for a control measure ordinance to fight their rat and turkey problems.