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Native Bird Populations are Changing

May 19, 2020 GMT

Climate change, and loss of habitat as the world gains population have changed bird populations and distribution. Today, modern scientists continue to investigate these changes in bird populations and how these changes can indicate the overall health of the environment.

As in many scientific pursuits, amateurs play a big part in charting and monitoring changes in the distribution of bird species.

Ornithology is the branch of science devoted to birds. Ornithologists study every aspect of birds, including bird songs, flight patterns, physical appearance, and migration patterns. As in many scientific pursuits, amateur ornithologists commonly known as bird watchers play a big part in charting and monitoring changes in the distribution of avian species.


What happens when people go birding?

Naturally, birders watch wild birds in their natural habitat. Bird watching, on the other hand, involves learning to identify the birds and how they coexist. It takes a great deal of passion for a bird watcher to learn to identify over 800 species of birds that exist in North America and other and the approximately 9,000 more that live in other areas of the world.

Where to go for a successful birding experience

Amateur ornithologists successfully work anywhere fom from their own backyard or to various exoctic plces around the world, it all depends on what they are looking to see. For one to be a successful birder, going all out into the world will help them to get all the information they require and appreciate how birds live in their natural habitat and co-relate with each other.

Here are some of the places that amateur ornithologists frequent for for bird watching:

Raptor Superhighway, Tarifa, Spain-Like most wild animals, bird species are typical creatures that migrate in darkness. The skies of Tarifa, just west of Gibraltar, will be filled with white storks, eagles, kites, and honey buzzards. Pantanal, Brazil- Pantanal, a world-renowned wetland in Brazil, is a major birding site for all types of thirsty birds, including storks, ibises, spoonbills, and sun bitterns among others. Hokkaido, Japan- Tancho tango in Hokkaido is the home to different bird species, including red-crowned cranes and the worlds largest night-bird- the Blakinstons eagle owl. Papua New Guinea- Attenborough in Paradise is a popular BBC documentary that highlights some up to 38 species of birds of paradise. South Georgia, USA- from the scent of Salisbury Plain to the full glare of over 250,000 king penguins, there is nothing that can beat the power of birding in South Georgias northern coast.


Make an Impact

Whether one is into birding for recreational purposes or as a professional or amature scientist, getting a reliable bird watching guide is a necessity. Places like the Birding Hub, can provide ornithologists and hobbyists with the appropriate guides to help them in their pursuit of our feathered friends.

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