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Cuckoo’s Nest Closing After a Record 11 Years

February 25, 1987 GMT

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ Milos Forman’s film ″One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest″ is closing in Stockholm after a world-record run of 573 straight weeks, the distributor said Wednesday.

The American movie, starring Jack Nicholson as a defiant patient at a mental institution, premiered in the Swedish capital on Feb. 26, 1976. Its last show will be Thursday, 11 years later.

About 2 million people, about one-fourth of Sweden’s population, have seen the movie, said Inger Johansson, information chief of the Sandrews distribution company.

The movie opened at the downtown Cinema Theater and moved to various houses during the 11 years but never missed a day. It is back at the Cinema Theater for its closing.

Mrs. Johansson speculated that audiences in Sweden, which has an extensive bureaucracy that is sometimes accused of overregulating its citizens’ lives, can identify with someone who defies rules at the mental institution depicted in the film.