A look at Season 2 of ‘Victoria’ on PBS’ Masterpiece

January 13, 2018

The second season of the mesmerizing Masterpiece series “Victoria” premieres Sunday.

This season is filled with all the drama of Season 1 along with plenty of royal surprises. “Victoria” is the story of Queen Victoria, who ascended to the throne at the young age of 18. She married her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. They had nine children and until Queen Elizabeth, Victoria had been the longest reigning Queen in British history.

Season 2 delves into the relationship between Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes). As viewers see, they were definitely a royal love story. Unlike the fictionalized fairy tale romance of Charles and Diana, Victoria and Albert were the real thing. They cherished each other and their love was evident to everyone.

Victoria and Albert modernized the country and although their jobs did not allow them to get involved in political issues, they did so nonetheless. Sir Robert Peele (Nigel Lindsay), the prime minister, was greatly involved with the royal family and viewers get to see how important the lives of her subjects were to the queen as she was advised and also advised the prime minister.

Season 2 includes the Irish potato famine and plenty of other political issues of the time. It also looks at several personal issues involving the queen and the prince. Victoria suffered from postpartum depression, something to which many viewers will be able to relate. And Albert discovered a family secret that caused him plenty of distress. However, during both of their personal troubles, Albert and Victoria remained completely dedicated to each other.

The episode in which they take a trip to Scotland is particularly delightful as the couple manages to “escape” from their royal life and enjoy being “normal” Scottish people, if only for one night. This delightful escapade humanizes the two for viewers and serves to underline the love they shared.

Albert took control of the royal household long enough to install an inside water closet for the staff and raise their wages. He was definitely a forward-thinking man and the perfect companion and adviser to his young wife. They made a great team and this series not only delves into their loving marriage, but also the trials and tribulations of the queen and her prince.

“Victoria” Season 2 is just as compelling and addicting as the first season was. You don’t have to be a royal watcher to enjoy watching this series. It’s a great historical series filled with wonderful settings, costumes, and of course, great performances. Both Coleman and Hughes bring humanity to the characters of Victoria and Albert.

Season 1 was the highest-rated drama on PBS in 20 years with over 16.2 million viewers. “Victoria” Season 2 premieres Sunday on Masterpiece on PBS. It is TV at its finest.