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Sailing Ship Godspeed To Resume Journey After Delay

May 2, 1985

NEWHAVEN, England (AP) _ The sailing ship Godspeed, forced to stop at Newhaven after tow wires linking it to a tugboat became tangled, is continuing its trans-Atlantic voyage to Virginia today, its insurers said.

The 68-foot replica vessel, which is retracing the route of the original Godspeed that carried the first permanent English settlers to America in 1606-7, moored at Newhaven late Wednesday after only a day at sea.

The towing bridle could not be untangled at night and the ship headed into the port city for repairs, said Peter Stevens, a spokesman for the vessel’s insurers.

The bark, which has no engine, is being towed ″because of lack of maneuverability″ as far as the Isle of Wight, 65 miles west of Newhaven, before setting off alone on its 6,000-mile voyage, Stevens said.

″We wanted to get her clear of the busy shipping lanes before she set sail,″ he said. ″The entanglement of the towing bridle was caused because the wind was swinging the Godspeed round quite a bit.

″The problems,″ he said, ″are by no means serious.″

The ship began its journey from London on Tuesday.

The original Godspeed arrived in Jamestown, Va., from London in 1607, 13 years before the Mayflower brought the Pilgrim Fathers to Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

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