Power and greed have corrupted GOP -- Barbara Voyce

December 5, 2018 GMT

With the election finally over, I had a new surge of hope for our state. I naively thought that because the electorate voted for change, the politicians would realize we don’t want the partisanship, cheating, lying, gerrymandering and dirty tricks of the last eight years.

But it hasn’t ended.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, have tried their darnedest to allow all of these disgusting ploys to continue.

Why? Has power and greed corrupted them so completely that they could care less about their home state? Have their Republicans sold their souls to the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Koch brothers for this power? Do they not realize that what goes around, comes around?

Their failed attempt to move the presidential primary to March would have been an asinine measure. County clerks said it would have been a chaotic mess and cost our state an additional $7 million. I thought the politicians cared about the budget. Nope, they only care about their pockets, power and greed.

I pray we will someday soon have honesty, caring, empathetic, smart politicians who will work for all of us, not for themselves.

Barbara Voyce, Lone Rock