Support for Brad Little and outdoor recreation

April 24, 2018

The Republican primary is now less than a month away. My view has always been that action speaks louder than words. I am outdoor enthusiast and it makes me feel lucky to be living in Idaho. I want to call attention to the great support Brad Little and his family have provided for outdoor recreation in Idaho for decades.

Brad’s father, David Little, founded the Little-Gem Cycle Park in 1969 in partnership with the BLM and the family continues to allow use of approximately 560 acres in the park. It is one of the largest off-road vehicle parks in the west and free and open to riders of all ages.

Brad and his family ranch support Idaho’s hunting tradition and allow hunting and youth groups free access, including Black Canyon Bowmen, German Shorthair Dog Trials, the Gem County Rod and Gun Club’s Shooting range and the Boy Scouts of America.

Boise’s Ridge to River trail system is one of the great trail systems in the west. I have enjoyed countless days in these trails, and many Idahoans from all over the state make use of these trail systems. While we appreciate the work that Ridge to Rivers and the Treasure Valley Land Trust put into maintaining our trail system, many of us are unaware that most of our classic trails are on private land. Brad Little and his family have made these trails possible for well over 20 years by allowing access without any compensation. Our trail system would be much smaller except for the generosity of private landowners. Trails that Brad Little makes possible include: Hulls Gulch, Crestline, Sidewinder, Freestone Ridge, Three Bears, Hard Guy and Dry Creek.

Brad Little was only GOP candidate to visit and show support for the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers rendezvous in Boise last weekend. This organization’s sole purpose is to protect and preserve public land. Brad understands Idahoans; the other candidates like Raul and Tommy would just assume sell off our public lands to the highest bidder. Brad wants to keep our public lands public and accessible. He is the only GOP gubernatorial candidate who was born and raised in Idaho.

Brad Little’s actions show that he is a consistent supporter for outdoor recreation for Idahoans, and I’m proud to support him in the May 15 primary. Whether you are a hunter, dirt biker, horseback rider, hiker, trail runner or mountain biker, Brad Little has supported us before his run for office. I encourage all Idahoans that love the outdoors to vote for Brad Little for governor.

Brian Beckley,