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Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Bob Dole for President

September 5, 1996 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A gay Republican organization has endorsed Bob Dole for president despite the GOP campaign’s rejection last year of the group’s campaign contribution.

The Log Cabin Republicans voted to approve the endorsement by a 3-to-1 margin in a mail ballot to more than 100 delegates who attended the group’s San Diego convention, which was held separately from the Republican National Convention.

The showing of support marks the first time that the gay and lesbian Republican organization has endorsed a Republican nominee for president.

``Our endorsement reflects both an acknowledgement that the Dole-Kemp ticket has made historic overtures in our direction and it provides us the opportunity to work with this campaign on the issues we care about,″ the group’s director, Rich Tafel, said in a statement Wednesday.

A year ago, Dole’s presidential campaign returned a $1,000 donation from the Log Cabin Republicans. Dole later said the decision was a mistake and if he had known about it, he would have accepted the contribution.