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Katie Frazier: Loving Tan offers safe, quality self tanning

December 13, 2018

Winter time is the time of the year when my skin hates me the most. My skin is extremely dry and my summer glow is completely gone. But, I have finally found a skincare routine (stay tuned for that for an upcoming column) and an amazing tanning product that has helped me look just as bronzed and glowy.

Tanning in the tanning bed is something I was always guilty of in the past, even though I knew it wasn’t good for anyone’s skin. I did it anyway, and was in love with how it made me look – like I spent my days on the beach. I would even use tanning lotions that had extra bronzers in them to help me get tanner, faster. Now, I rarely lay in the tanning bed, and instead, I self tan or get spray tans!

Finding the perfect self-tanner is really hard, actually, but you know I got you covered. Some of the colors that brands offer a lot of times make you look like a Cheeto – especially the cheaper ones. But, I have found one that I can’t stop purchasing, which obviously shows how much I love it!

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mouse is my go-to for self tanning. It gets me my darkest, the fastest, and looks so natural. The mouses is available in three different shades inclusing medium, dark and ultra dark. I personally use Ultra Dark, because I at first I wanted to see how dark it actually makes me, and it is definitely super dark. I love the way that it looks, and if you love to be super tan, so will you. The natural olive undertones make it look so realistic.

All of Loving Tan’s mouses contain high concentrations of active ingredients giving you a darker tan, faster, after just one layer. Also, they all contain an instant bronzer, making the application easier than ever – as it is so easy to see where you are spreading the clear active ingredients. They dry in as little as 60 seconds, but I personally like to let it dry a couple minutes. I like to do it right before bed, but make sure to wear loose clothing!

You get enough product in each bottle to ensure that you get 5-10 full body applications at around $35-$40, which is the average price of a regular spray tan. All mousses have dual active, and high quality ingredients, like a hydrating aloe vera base, vitamin extracts and powerful antioxidants to ensure that you have the most natural looking healthy looking tan.

Loving Tan also has tanning accessories that are MUST HAVES for self tanning. The number one thing that you will need is a tanning mitt to apply the self tanner, it makes your tan go on effortlessly. They also have their Easy to Reach Back Applicator, which I just recently bought to try, because it is extremely difficult to get your back tan without someone helping you, so I am super excited to give this a try. Lastly, they also have a Tan Removing and Skin Polishing Glove to help remove your self tan easier.

I have found that self tanning is so much faster, easier and way less expensive to do than going out and getting a spray tan, and better for your skin than laying in the tanning bed. I am confident that if you give this brand a try, and find your right shade of tan, you’re going to be as happy with your bronzed glow as I am. Until next week, beauty babes.

Katie Frazier is a freelance makeup artist from Genoa, W.Va. She operates a social media account for both her makeup looks “Katelynne Frazier MUA” and a group called “Vanity Insanity.”