Yellow vest boxer convicted in France for police attack

February 14, 2019

PARIS (AP) — A former French boxer who was filmed attacking riot police officers during the yellow vest protests has been convicted of assault.

Christophe Dettinger, a former French champion in the light heavyweight category, was given a one-year prison sentence on Wednesday night.

The judge brushed aside calls for a tougher sentence and gave the 37-year-old lenient terms that will allow him to work during the day.

The videos from the Jan. 5 incidents went viral on social media, triggering an outpouring of comments either praising Dettinger as a hero of the yellow vest movement or lambasting him as a vicious attacker.

Dettinger has been in custody since turning himself in after the attack.

Clashes hit Paris during the 13th straight week of yellow vest protests Saturday.

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