Dr. Christopher Davison op-ed

February 3, 2017 GMT

No matter what your age or occupation, chances are you or a loved one will visit Greenwich Hospital’s emergency department at some point in your life.

As a critical community resource, we take pride in providing round-the-clock emergency care and constantly look for opportunities to improve the way our clinicians deliver services.

Last month, the hospital completed a multi-million dollar renovation project designed to enhance the patient experience, made possible by the substantial donation of several donors to offset much of the cost. The renovations will help to accommodate the increasing number of Connecticut and New York residents turning to us for emergency care. Last year, we handled 40,000 visits — that’s about 110 patients a day. Children account for close to a quarter of these patients.

We hope you never need to see our renovated emergency department. But if the occasion arises, you’ll find a well-resourced department with a number of enhancements. Among the improvements:

The addition of four private examination rooms for a total of 25 rooms and 27 beds. The increased number of examination rooms should lead to a decrease in wait time for patients to be evaluated and treated and more privacy.

Construction of a new centrally located nursing station and two smaller satellite nursing work stations allows for easier and quicker access to patients for nurses and doctors.

Expansion of the Behavioral Health Unit to better serve the increasing number of emergency department patients with mental health issues.

All examination rooms have been upgraded with wall-mounted computers, ensuring our staff has access to critical patient care information in each patient’s room.

Of the 27 examination rooms, four are in the “fast track” area to treat patients with less complex conditions such as cuts, fractures and sprains and get them back to their lives more quickly.

The addition of a bereavement room to provide privacy to patients’ family members and friends during what can be a very stressful time.

These renovations complement our existing state-of-the-art emergency department, staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners trained to handle medical conditions from stroke and heart attacks to broken bones and sprains. Our CT scan and radiology suite are embedded in the ED to allow fast care, even when patients require high-tech diagnostic services. We also have access to experts who can provide specialized medical services at a moment’s notice, including primary angioplasty and emergency surgical care.

In the coming months, you can expect to see more emergency department enhancements, including the construction of a pediatric-friendly waiting room and examination rooms specially designed for children and their families. We are also adding emergency medicine physicians who specialize in pediatric care.

All of these improvements reinforce Greenwich Hospital’s commitment to provide patients with advanced and compassionate care whenever the need arises.

Dr. Christopher Davison is medical director of Greenwich Hospital’s Emergency Department.