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LaBar: A Lesnar loss in WWE could be upon us

July 11, 2016

It’s time for another round of questions submitted by readers via Twitter.

@LesnarSupport: How do you see WWE booking the Lesnar-Orton match? I think it’s a given Brock is going over.

I don’t think the match is a guaranteed win for Brock Lesnar. This seems to be a time where Randy Orton is truly moving into the part-time status that Lesnar, Undertaker, Chris Jericho and other veterans have acquired. A certain special-attraction-type feel.

It’s already an attention grabber than Orton’s first big match back after a long absence on television is a marquee match against Lesnar. This could be the perfect situation for Orton to endure a physical encounter with Lesnar that only he can deliver but for Orton come out with the win. It’s an instant credibility boost for Orton, who has been under the radar for quite some time.

@max_king619: Ryder? Now and future. Can he ever reach World title status???

Zack Ryder will never be a WWE World Champion. If it was going to happen, it would have happened already. The iron will never be as hot for Ryder as it was when he was cutting edge, creating his Internet show and doing so many other simple but effective marketing techniques on social media in the 2010-2012 period.

That’s not to say Ryder still couldn’t have another big push coming. WWE continues to tease the audience with Ryder breaking through to the next level in 2016. However, many people have passed Ryder in the line for being in the world-title picture, and more are coming with a fresh slate.

Ryder’s been very loyal to WWE, which I hope has earned him some value and security. If he had left in the past, he’s one of the few who could have thrived making a better living independently, when his stock was at its highest, than being in the WWE — which ultimately never went the whole way with utilizing his potential in all capacities.

@holtz_william: How wouldve you handled WWE buying WCW? That would have been true brand split. Vinces ego left a ton of $ on table Knowing what we know now, If I’m in control of WWE and purchasing WCW in 2001 than I purchase but leave WCW as its own brand with its own distribution.

Vince McMahon purchased WCW and tried to make WWE a superpower with the best of all the talent. In many ways, this succeeded. In the long run, though, we’ve been able to see the value WCW had in being direct competition for WWE.

I think if WWE could have let the WCW brand live on, with some appropriate changes and adjustments, WWE could have manufactured its own competition in which it go all the revenue at the end of the day.

We’ve seen WWE manufacture its own competition with a brand split between RAW and SmackDown. Even NXT, which started as a developmental territory, has come to be seen as internal competition for RAW and Smackdown by fans comparing the respective rosters.

At the end of the day, all the money is going to the same person. I feel keeping the WCW brande alive could have kept the pro wrestling business and WWE’s quality of programming in a healthier state. Of course, it’s all hindsight.

@jjsauby: what surprises would you book for the draft? Chances we see Easy E on wwe tv in the next 2 weeks?

I think fans are thinking so much about the draft that I’m not sure anything will be a true surprise. I expect Finn Balor and some top NXT names to appear.

Draft picks like John Cena going to SmackDown could happen to let the audience know that WWE is serious about this new era of SmackDown being competitive with the flagship show in RAW.

An Eric Bischoff appearance has been a request of mine since WWE started bringing in past GMs for cameos. I think Bischoff is so sparingly used or seen on WWE programming anymore that he is one of the few who can bring genuine shock and interest by showing up.

Sadly, with each week that goes by, my belief of seeing Bischoff appear decreases. WWE just released a new DVD of his a few weeks ago. They also were out west, which is where he resides in one of his several homes. It seems if he was going to appear it would have been then to align with the DVD promotion and his travel schedule.

Although, WWE is in Detroit this Monday, and that’s one of the locations Bischoff claims as a hometown.

Justin LaBar is a Tribune-Review staff writer. He can be reached at jlabar@tribweb.com or via Twitter @JustinLaBar.