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AM-Prep: Kickers

January 25, 2019


PERRIS, Calif. (AP) — There a lot of things you can get from a local code enforcement office. In the case of one in Southern California, you could add help delivering a baby to the list. A spokeswoman for Riverside County says a woman went into labor on Jan. 16. Amanda and Oswaldo Tadeo of Perris were racing to the hospital when they realized they didn’t have enough time. So, they made a pitstop at the Riverside code enforcement office. Angie Solis was walking into the office when she heard the husband’s cry for help. Solis supported the baby’s head as he was delivered — held the infant until he started crying — then placed the new arrival on his mother’s chest.


WESTBROOK, Maine (AP) — By now, you might have heard about the giant disk of ice spinning around in a river in Maine. A lot of people have come to see it. But one who did wound up making news himself. The ice disk got the attention of a New Jersey attention-seeker— who decided he should try to take a hatchet — and carve a peace sign on it. A man, a large sheet of ice and a hatchet — what could go wrong, right? Turns out the adventurer, Christopher Angelo, couldn’t get the large ice disk spinning. And his effort to cut a peace sign into the ice didn’t work, either. Police watched the whole stunt — but didn’t arrest Angelo. Authorities say it is no crime to hack at river ice.


BERLIN (AP) — Sometimes, a person who smokes needs to grab a cigarette in the worst way. And in Germany, police say an intoxicated man decided to take a smoke break while his train made a short stop. When the “stop” turned out to be shorter than he figured, trouble ensued. Police say the man tried to jump back on the train as it pulled out — clinging on to the coupling as the train picked up speed. The man began screaming as the train resumed plowing toward Hamburg at speeds up to 125 mph. Passengers heard the man’s cries — and got the train to make an emergency stop. The man was handed over to authorities when the train reached the station at Essen. He’s now under investigation for dangerous interference with train traffic.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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