Inaugural Ball set for January 12th at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln

December 10, 2018 GMT

LINCOLN - Nebraskans are being invited to celebrate on Saturday, January 12th, when the 2019 Inaugural Ball will be held at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.

Gov. Pete Ricketts and First Lady Susanne Shore announced details of the ball during a news conference in the lobby of Pinnacle Bank.

A simple theme was chosen for the ball: “A Celebration.”

Shore said she hopes those attending leave feeling good about being Nebraskans.

“That we live in a very fun and positive place and that we’re surrounded by other fellow Nebraskans who are positive,” Shore said. “I want everyone to come here and feel welcome and feel like they walk away with an enjoyable, positive memory of being here.”

Invitations are being mailed, but Shore added that all Nebraskans are invited.

Tickets cost $75 for the dinner, the Grand March and dance, and dessert. A $25 ticket is offered for those wanting to see the Grand March as well as enjoy the dance and dessert. Between 2,500 and 2,800 are expected.

Ricketts won election as governor in 2014, being sworn in as the state’s 40th governor on January 8th, 2015. He won re-election to another four-year term this year.

Shore said the Inaugural Ball celebrates more than just political victories.

“We were trying to celebrate not just the election, but all the state and let people know that we’re worth celebrating,” Shore said. “And, when you look at the booklet, when you look at what we’re going to try to achieve, it really is about celebrating that we live in a great place and that Nebraska is a positive state with great citizens.”

Doors at Pinnacle Bank Arena will open at 5:30pm when the cocktail hour begins. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm with the Grand March scheduled to begin at 8 o’clock. Dessert and dance will follow.

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