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Kane County horse recovering after being shot with a dart

March 18, 2019 GMT

ELGIN – Horse owner Casey Bowgren of Campton Hills said he was shocked when he saw Scooby, his 20-year-old gelding, with a dart sticking out from under the horse’s right eye.

Bowgren said he had gone to check on his red dun quarter horse, Scooby, about 6 p.m. Feb. 22 in a pasture where he’s stabled in the 9N100 block of Corron Road, Plato Township.

“I thought it was a piece of hay,” Bowgren said about when he first saw the dart.

But as he went to brush it away, it stayed stuck in the horse’s skin.

“It was sticking out sideways out of his head,” Bowgren said. “It was a dart with a sharp aluminum tip.”

Bowgren reported his horse’s injury to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies believe the dart was intentionally directed at the horse, according to sheriff’s reports. Deputies took the dart and photos of the horse’s injury as evidence.

Bowgren said he would sign a complaint against the person who injured his horse.

“Scooby is a nice horse,” Bowgren said. “He’s been in a bunch of parades and participates in National Night Out.”

The dart caused an oozing infection, which Bowgren said he treated with antibiotics for a week.

“It was swelling, and I had to be careful that it did not transfer to the eye,” Bowgren said. “The infection is gone now. He’s fine.”

However, Bowgren remains concerned about who might have committed this act of violence against a gentle horse.

“If that dart had hit him in the eye, he would have been blinded,” Bowgren said.