Conservatives ‘worship the wealthy and hammer the weak’

December 15, 2018 GMT

New Mexico Republicans have chosen Steve Pearce to be chairman of the state party (“State GOP picks Pearce to lead party,” Dec. 9). “We’ve got to tell people better who conservatives are and what we’re about,” said Pearce. People largely know this, which is why the recent elections knocked the Republicans out. Pearce wants to publicize a “clear and concise” conservative message. We also know what that message is today — and has been for a long time: worship the wealthy and hammer the weak and the poor. Or, the equivalent: outwardly praise “democracy” but kill it as best you can, whether through voter suppression, destroying labor unions or forging the rule of money.

Roger Carasso

professor emeritus

California State University, Northridge

Santa Fe

Lord, save us

Tobi Wilde’s letter to the editor makes me despair for our democracy (“No global warming,” Dec. 8). Wilde suggests that we should “research” the Bible on the subject of global warming. (In 60 years of Bible study, I have never come across anything about global warming, but that is another story). She speaks of “our wonderful president …” How can anyone say that about that amoral person whose only standard for truth is his own self-interest? She overlooks his well-documented sexual immorality and his crude language that would certainly not be acceptable for any member of her church. The tragic reality is that apparently there are millions more out there who would agree with her. Lord, save us, for we are lost.

The Rev. Richard C. Rowe

Santa Fe

Not anti-immigrant

The New Mexican perpetuates the misinformation that President Donald Trump is anti-immigrant, as Susan Tarver, director of Bienvenidos Outreach asserts (“ ‘They could come for me,’ ” Dec. 9). In multiple interviews carried by national media, Trump has stated he opposes undocumented immigrants but supports legal immigration. He also wants to change federal immigration law to favor “merit-based immigration” based on the ability to speak English and other factors. The worry of the undocumented immigrant referred to as “Ana,” is based on the fact she illegally entered the U.S because of spousal abuse in Mexico. America cannot accept the tens of millions of people in the world facing drug gangs, spousal abuse and unemployment. Undocumented immigrants need to stop “jumping the line” of legal immigration rules. And national media and the Democratic Party need to stop equating opposition to illegal immigration as being “anti-immigrant.” It’s not. Enforcement is pro-law and pro-legal immigration.

Thomas J. King

Santa Fe