Postal worker suspected of stealing drugs from parcels

February 12, 2020 GMT

BOSTON (AP) — A postal worker from Massachusetts tracked, stole and opened mail that he suspected contained drugs, then when he found narcotics, kept them for his personal use, federal prosecutors in Boston said.

Shawn Herron, 44, of Whitman, was arrested Tuesday and charged with mail theft. He was released after an initial court appearance.

Herron has worked for the postal service since 2005 and was most recently the Manager of Customer Services in Fall River, according to prosecutors.

Herron, using the postal service’s own databases to track the parcels, targeted priority mail from Puerto Rico and the West Coast as well as parcels flagged by law enforcement as potentially containing illegal narcotics, and then removed them from the mail stream, prosecutors said.

He then took the parcels to his office where he stole the drugs, authorities said. Customers often reported never receiving packages they expected.

If convicted, he faces five years in prison.

A voicemail message was left with Herron’s public defender.