Cong. Bacon & Fortenberry okay after train collides with dump truck

February 1, 2018 GMT

CHARLOTTESVILLE - Two members of Nebraska’s delegation were involved in an accident this morning near Charlottesville, Virginia. Felix Ungerman is with Congressman Don Bacon’s Omaha Office says they were on their way to a legislative retreat when the train they were on hit a dump truck.

Ungerman says, “We were informed by the Congressman himself that he was on the train with other GOP members and the train had impacted a truck and he was okay.”

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry was also on that train and sent messages on Twitter that he too was uninjured. Other members of Congress on board included House Speaker Paul Ryan, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Congressman David Young.

The driver of the truck was killed and at least one other person suffered serious injuries.

Congressional members will continue on to the retreat by chartered bus.