Cyberfort Software Issues Update on Near-term Corporate Objectives

November 13, 2018 GMT

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- Cyberfort Software, Inc. (OTC: CYBF), a cybersecurity technology company targeting the global cybersecurity market, today provides an overview of objectives indicative of planned corporate growth and direction.

“I am pleased to offer this update to our shareholders as we strive for greater transparency and accelerated growth,” states Cyberfort CEO Daniel Cattlin. “While each of the exciting objectives below are in various stages of completion, we anticipate reaching each goal in the near future and will provide updates as they become available.”

Social media

Committed to the idea that everyone – from individuals to global corporations – should be able to enjoy the Internet without malicious attacks on their privacy and security, Cyberfort is launching its Facebook and Twitter accounts to interact with customers and educate them on the latest trends in security software, content filtering, and ad blocking technology. These platforms will also provide the opportunity for consumer feedback and real-time communication.


Purchase Agreement

Cyberfort continues to strengthen its portfolio of smart, simple and efficient cybersecurity IPs, and is negotiating a purchase agreement to acquire Just Content Software, a multi-platform ad blocking and content filter app that will assist the Company in developing new solutions to tackle increasing cyber threats and attacks.

Just Content is an efficacious and multi-functional ad blocking app currently available on iTunes ( ). The app utilizes proprietary “Home Safe Filter” and “Business Filter” products to help safeguard families and businesses from unsafe links, adult content, phishing sites and inflammatory hate speech found on the Internet.

Just Content App update

Addressing the evolving challenges of the online experience, Cyberfort aims to deliver robust solutions across multi-platforms to fortify online security of both individuals and businesses. Upon acquisition of the Just Content App, the Company will update the software for seamless integration with the new iOS 12 and OS X Mojave, improving on existing ad blocking software for mobile and desktop security and expanding on existing efficiencies to provide a smooth experience and ease of use for new and experienced users.

OTCQB uplisting

As part of its strategy to expand its financial communication program, Cyberfort is taking steps to uplist to the OTCQB® Venture Market. This will represent an important milestone for the Company and its shareholders, providing greater transparency and increased exposure to a broader investing audience.


As a verified market with efficient access to U.S. investors, OTCQB is an established public market that helps companies build shareholder value while working to enhance liquidity and achieve fair valuation. In fulfilling OTC Markets’ uplisting requirements, Cyberfort will successfully completed an annual verification and management certification process, as well as completed a full audit of all financial records for the prior two years of operations.

Vivio Rebranding

Cyberfort’s portfolio includes Vivio, an ad blocking app that removes ads and reduces data traffic on iOS devices to help preserve the devices’ battery life. Because advertising malware and threats continually change, Cyberfort is updating and rebranding Vivio to include a new operating code to enable a faster, cleaner web experience. It will also give individuals the power to create their own whitelists (a list of websites authorized by the user to serve ads) as well as choose from new lists developed by Cyberfort. Additionally, Vivio will continuously update ad blocking rules so that as malware and threats change, the app is able to keep the device’s browsing and data safe.

The updates build on the existing efficiency of Vivio, which saves 38% data traffic and reduces resource load by 58%, making overall browsing experience 30% faster ( ).

About Cyberfort Software, Inc.Cyberfort Software Inc. is a cybersecurity technology company dedicated to improving the digital lives, privacy and security of end users and organizations. It targets the worldwide cybersecurity market by specializing in the acquisition and development of security software, content filtering and ad-blocking technology. For more information visit

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