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Letter to the editor: Let Freeport kids stand & cheer

October 18, 2018

There was a problem at Freeport High School’s Sept. 28 football game because a section of bleachers was being held for an “event” group. The adults who usually sit in those seats had to find another place to sit, and some wound up behind the student section. When the students stood to cheer on the team, the adults got upset because they could not see the game. It was understandable; we’re all there to see the game.

One adult tried to force a student to sit down. A security guard was called over. The students had to sit, and the security guard sat with them to keep them from standing. Seriously.

The problem here is that from day one in the new stadium, the students have not had a place where they can be together. These are nice, respectful, well-behaved, kids who have no place in their own stadium where they can go to cheer on their friends and classmates without being subjected to this treatment by adults. It’s their school, their team, and they want to be part of the excitement.

We have too few bleachers and they are too low, so seeing the players is difficult below the sixth row, even if everyone is sitting down. Adults, go higher and squeeze in with others until this problem is fixed. Give the students a section and let them stand and cheer. I’ll bet you did at that age.

Carol S. Cyphert

Buffalo Township