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O’Mahony Will Bring Passion, Civility to Wilmington

April 9, 2019 GMT

We encourage the Wilmington voters to support Jomarie O’Mahony for the office of selectman.

Jomarie possesses strong family values and morals. We admire particularly how she and her husband do so well in raising four great kids, being very active in their lives, coaching and volunteering, while working as attorneys. On top of that, Jomarie dedicates her time, energy and talents to making our community better with her work in the great organization that she founded, We’re One Wilmington (WOW).

In Wilmington, and regrettably, in much of society today, civil discussion, collaboration, and sometimes respectfully agreeing to disagree are in rare supply.

It seems like we are at a crossroads where we can ether give up and accept that government and citizens view each other as adversaries, or resolve ourselves as a people to break that trend and get back to listening to each other and learning how to talk with each other. Jomarie exhibits that very quality, strong in her convictions and opinions, yet respectful in the manner in which she conveys them.

We are confident that Jomarie will serve as an example to all of us of how we should treat each other.

Jomarie O’Mahony has already shown herself as a leader and as someone who loves her neighbor. She is a true friend to many!

Placing her on our Board of Selectmen will benefit all of us. We are excited to cast our vote for her on election day and urge all of Wilmington to do the same.