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Feedback on Facebook: Utah Valley Express drivers finishing training, ask motorists to watch the lights

August 6, 2018

Have you seen the new UVX buses on the roads yet?

Wednesday is the first day people with Brigham Young University or Utah Valley University identification cards can ride FrontRunner, TRAX and Utah Transit Authority buses for free — the Utah Valley Express route opens Aug. 13.

Regular riders pay a flat $2.50 fee on UTA buses, including the upcoming UVX routes, to ride to the end of the line and complete transfers for a few hours.

In the meantime, UVX route bus drivers continue to train on the articulated buses to prep for the first day of riding in less than two weeks.

Loren Chandler No, but I’ve seen lots of cars using the bus-only lanes as a left turn lane. This should be fun.

Jason Atkinson I have seen them... I have also seen them almost run over at least 5 cars as they are learning how to drive the route.

Brayden Santo I’ve seen them here and there! So excited for this project to be completed.

I’ve been wondering about the white lights and really like the explanation in the article:

“It’s like a railroad crossing arm,” Howard said. “When the arm is down, stay put. When the arm goes up you can go.”

The designated white bus lights work like that arm, Howard said. When the white light is vertical, UVX buses can go. When they are horizontal, the buses must remain stopped.

Micheal Montoya Yep