Christian McCaffrey helps save hiker’s life after fall

March 7, 2018

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey was involved in helping a 72-year-old man who fell 20 feet while hiking in Colorado.

McCaffrey, two of his brothers and two friends were hiking in Castle Rock, Colorado on Saturday and saw Dan Smoker Sr. fall from a rock while hiking with his grandson.

McCaffrey was the one to call 911 and his friend, Michael Mann, performed chest compressions on Smoker.

McCaffrey told Panthers.com that it only took 11 minutes for paramedics to reach them. He also gave credit to Smoker’s 13-year-old grandson, Eli.

“Eli was such a trooper, man,” McCaffrey said. “I was traumatized, and I had no relation.”

Smoker’s son, Dan Smoker Jr., publicly thanked McCaffrey and his fellow hikers:

Michael Mann, @run__cmc and @notoriousmax25 are great football players, but even better humans. Yesterday, they helped save my dads life after he fell off of Castle Rock. They comforted my son when he was alone. Then showed up at the hospital to check in. @AdamSchefter @espn pic.twitter.com/MVAdbr2gYV Dan Smoker (@dsmokexu) March 4, 2018

Because of Michael Mann, @notoriousmax25, @run__cmc and a few other amazing folks, my 13yo son isn’t telling a story about how he went on a hike with his grandpa and his grandpa died. He’s telling a story of strength, hope, and human goodness. @AdamSchefter @espn Dan Smoker (@dsmokexu) March 6, 2018

Smoker Jr. also said on Twitter that doctors may be able to bring Smoker Sr. out of sedation Wednesday.