Racist podcaster still sending hateful robocalls, this time in Georgia

May 21, 2019 GMT

A racist robocall that circulated last week in the Atlanta, Georgia, area appears to be the work of a white supremacist who recently moved from Sandpoint to Libby, Montana.

The hateful automated message defends a 21-year-old white woman who is accused of shooting and killing a 62-year-old black man after a hit-and-run crash and an altercation earlier this month, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The call blames the man for the shooting and says that black people “aren’t American” and “aren’t even fully human.”

The message states it was paid for by “The Road to Power” – a video podcasting site run by 49-year-old white supremacist Scott D. Rhodes.


The Spokesman-Review has linked Rhodes to thousands of racist and anti-Semitic robocalls in at least five states. He has used the calls to denigrate public figures, support the campaigns of Holocaust deniers and insert racist vitriol into local events.

Just like the calls in Georgia, previous calls that rang phones in Charlottesville, Virginia, called for the deportation of black people to Africa.

Rhodes lived in Sandpoint for several years, and police identified him as the man who distributed racist propaganda at Sandpoint High School in 2017. He moved to Libby late last year.