The Wierenga garden

June 17, 2018 GMT


If you don’t have plans this afternoon, you might want to mosey on down to Ironton to take in their “Over the Back Fence” garden tour. There are five gardens this year and all look to be exceptional, including the one Carol and Steve Wierenga are sharing with the community.

The Wierenga garden surrounds their pool area in the back yard. Just outside the back door adjacent to the pool is a spot they have reserved for their vegetables including rhubarb, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers along with some herbs. Nearby underneath the back porch they have developed a shade garden that has ground covers peeping out onto the sidewalk. Interspersed in their flower garden are garlic plants that have a lovely round bloom just beginning to waver.

As one enters the Wierenga outdoor space, there is a fenced area that has captured peonies, day lilies and hydrangeas. The hydrangeas tend to circle the yard and Steve commented, ’I think their color is a result of what fertilizer you use on them

because one year they will be one color and another year another color.”

The backyard around the pool is fully planted; however, close by is a field of lawn left open for family games. Carol has plans for planters to line the fence for more flowers.

The family has lived on this property for a mere 11 years. Even so, there is an antiquity that goes much deeper for these plants.

Carol said, “There is history in this garden in that so many of our plants have been given to us by family members. From my grandmother and mother’s yard there are irises and peonies. There is a hibiscus and a hydrangea from Steve’s mother’s home in Michigan and hostas from my great-aunt, plus lilies from a great grandfather who lived in Lima, Ohio..”

As Steve and Carol survey their property, they get to honor their family members by caring for the plants that were loved and nurtured by generations past.

Other gardens on the tour include the Moran/Scott-Allen adjoining backyards reviewed last Sunday, plus Ralph and Patti Roberts’ country garden in downtown Ironton.

This eclectic garden offers a bit of whimsy with its flower presentation and yard art, such as a sink turned into a planter. Another garden featured is at the historical home of Mike and Henrietta McKee.

This formal backyard garden surrounds a pool and patio and will be a delight to one and all.

Folks, there are some interesting gardens to be seen over back fences next Sunday afternoon, June 24, in Ironton, and for a mere $10, you can take the self-guided tour starting at the Lawrence County Historical Museum, where they are not only selling tickets but offering refreshments as well. Tickets can be bought early at Unger’s Shoes and Weber’s Flowers. For more information contact Jan Wolfe, chairman of the tour and member of the Ironton in Bloom organization.