WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Roxanne Pulitzer, whose divorce from newspaper heir Peter Pulitzer involved allegations of wild sex, witchcraft and drug parties, will appear nude in the June issue of Playboy magazine.

''I did it because it was the right time, the right place and the right interviewer - and I had full control,'' said Ms. Pulitzer, 33, who now lives in West Palm Beach and works as an aerobics instructor.

Jack Bernstein, director of promotion for Playboy, said Ms. Pulitzer appears wearing a bathing suit on the cover and is featured in a photo spread and interview inside.

The Pulitzers' heavily publicized December 1982 divorce trial ended with Ms. Pulitzer losing her share of an estimated $25 million fortune and receiving instead a black Porsche and $2,000 a month in alimony, which ran out four months ago.

''I feel it's been long enough (since the divorce),'' she said. ''I see nothing wrong with nudity if it's done tastefully.''

Asked for her thoughts on the reactions of her two school-age sons, Mack and Zack, who are living with their father, Ms. Pulitzer said: ''I certainly hoped I raised them not to be closed-minded about Playboy. My husband was a subscriber for years.''

During her divorce trial, it was claimed that Ms. Pulitzer used a trumpet in bedside witchcraft rituals and that she slept with Jacqueline Kimberly, 34, the wife of James Kimberly, one of the heirs to the Kleenex fortune.

Asked whether there will be any shots of her with another woman in the coming Playboy issue, Ms. Pulitzer said coyly: ''You're going to have to buy the magazine to find out.''