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Military Plane Crashes In Guatemala, 12 Reported Killed

May 28, 1987 GMT

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) _ A Guatemalan air force transport plane crashed near a lake in the northern part of the country Thursday morning, killing all 12 people on board, the military said.

A brief military communique said the propeller-driven C-47 lost altitude shortly after takeoff from Santa Elena, in Peten province 305 miles north of the capital, and crashed on the shores of nearby Lake Peten Itzaa.

The communique said the plane was on a scheduled flight to El Naranjo, near the Mexican border, and was carrying three crewmen, six soldiers, two mechanics and a civilian. It did not further identify them or say what might have caused the crash.


All 12 people aboard the plane died, said the report.

An Aerovias commercial airliner crashed in the same area Jan. 19, 1986, killing 100 people on board, including former Venezuelan Foreign Minister Aristides Calvani and his family.