Joel Edgerton says Jennifer Lawrence was in ‘lose-lose’ scenario with Versace dress

February 22, 2018 GMT

Joel Edgerton thinks Jennifer Lawrence was in a “lose-lose” scenario when she chose to wear a skimpy Versace dress on Tuesday (02.20.18).

The Academy Award-winning actress donned a revealing outfit for the photo call, which was staged at a London hotel on a bitterly cold day in the UK capital, but her ‘Red Sparrow’ co-star - who wore a thick coat for the shoot - thinks Jennifer found herself in an impossible position.

He explained: “It was a really weird situation because if it was real life I would give you my jacket but right now I feel like I would just be upsetting some designer somewhere. They gave her a dress to wear, a dress they wouldn’t want covered in a coat.”

Jennifer’s attire and the perceived double standard with her male co-stars quickly became a hot topic of conversation on social media.

But Joel, 43, believes that the situation has been completely blown out of proportion.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, he reflected: “I did see [the Twitter backlash], it was pretty funny but look, I don’t know if it’s double standards. It’s weird because on the one hand if you criticize her for looking that way than you are also criticizing the whole volume of ... the whole history of the way women are expected to look. It’s sort of a lose-lose situation.”

Joel claimed that Jennifer would have angered someone, regardless of whether she chose to wear the Versace dress or not.

He said: “Yesterday, on the balcony, seemed like a lose-lose situation because if Jennifer wore jeans and a coat I’m sure somebody else would have criticized her. At some point it seemed like the weather was blamed because it was the optics, plus the weather, plus the four of us in our outfits; the sum total of all of it was like a f**king international incident!

“It seems like everywhere Jennifer goes she’s part of some international incident.”