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At Klein Oak, Becky Cobb and girls soccer go hand-in-hand

March 24, 2019 GMT

Every season at Klein Oak has been unique under 12th year head girls soccer coach Becky Cobb.

From the beginning of the 2018-19 season, Cobb noticed the team’s chemistry and players’ enthusiasm for each other.

That strong point translated to the games that mattered as the Lady Panthers were able to secure a top spot in District 15-6A.

“I haven’t had to coach hard, not of that, so we were able to work on more tactical stuff going into every game rather than things (chemistry) like that,” Cobb said.

Klein Oak (13-6-4, 12-2-2) placed second in 15-6A behind first-place The Woodlands, third-place Oak Ridge and fourth-place Klein.


“We knew the district was going to be tough and the competition was going to be increased,” Cobb said. “We gave ourselves and opportunity to do that (win district) in multiple scenarios but it didn’t pan out. The moment right there is all you can take care of and the outcome is going to be the outcome.”

Win or lose, Cobb will always have that big pitcher goal, where everybody’s goal should be to get to the state title.

“There was a lot of other little things that we wanted to do before we even looked in that direction (state),” Cobb said.

‘One game at a time’

The Lady Panthers went through the first round without losing a game, winning seven and tying vs. The Woodlands.

A lot of their first district victories were close games, so Cobb had to make sure that they were ready for round two.

“We had to kind of reel it back in and I think they did a good job of focusing,” Cobb said. “We really went one game at a time here, just small goals like that.”

In the second round, the Lady Panthers lost their unbeaten streak at the hands of Klein and then lost to Oak Ridge and tied The Woodlands again.

“They didn’t lose the intensity and confidence that they had, so I was proud of them for finishing strong,” Cobb said.

Klein Oak also lost to four other teams in non-district tournament play, all of whom also qualified to postseason play.

“I think it’s really important to go up against the best competition that you can possibly find,” Cobb said.

One of those solid teams included Prosper, who finished ranked right up there at the top of the region.

“Didn’t come out with win (Prosper) with but that’s not a loss to us,” Cobb said. “I’d actually rather that we face that right then and you know where the best of the best competition is. We know what to expect, we know what we’re going up against, and so I think that’s important.”


The Lady Panthers’ other three non-district losses came against Clear Springs, Frenship and Clemens.

Leaders of the pack

Instead of being down about losing to top teams, the squad’s mindset was ‘OK let’s go right back to work because we can win the next time’.

“Losing did not phase them, of course they’re upset about it, but no head hung,” Cobb said. “I think they’re confidence level is really good and that makes coaching a lot easier.”

Cobb has had so many players step up throughout the course of the year including senior Jamie Jezierski, senior Gabby Liddell, senior Caroline Quiroga, senior Ava Schulte, sophomore Jacqueline Barnes, junior Mya Smith and a pair of center backs.

“Jezierski in that midfield has been amazing for us for four years now,” Cobb said. “Barnes has been huge for us playing in different positions, Smith has played huge for us. My center back Brooklyn and Danny, Danny wasn’t ever supposed to play there this year, we had an injury and she stepped in as a sophomore and they’ve just been lights out.”

Cobb admits the Lady Panthers have a lot of talent and a lot of it is very even.

“They’re very interchangeable, we’ve moved people around in different positions all over,” Cobb said. “People can step in and I think that make a big difference too, especially going into playoffs, they’re deep, they’ve all have had experience. If somebody goes down, it’s ‘OK who can step in there.’”

There’s also goalkeepers junior Isobel Herrod and junior Brook Beam, who have the fewest goals scored against in district.

“That’s something that I’m really proud of them for,” Cobb said. “They have won us a lot of games, team defense, but definitely from my keepers there, and they’ve split time the whole time and they are each other’s number one supporter, that makes a huge difference.”

As far as the state of the program goes, the varsity team will graduate four players, which is a small number, but a mighty four.

“It’s probably the smallest group of seniors I’ve had, but they’re very unique, humble, and they all play a very big role on the team,” Cobb said. “They’re great teammates, leaders within and they just keep everybody getting along, and very quietly. They’re a really special group.”