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More snow in Sierras; Plains, New England are cool

December 31, 1996

Snow continued to fall in the Sierras this morning, while parts of the Northwest grappled with flooding and mudslides. It was cold in the northern Plains and New England was fair and cool.

Storms will continue to batter the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest today with heavy rain and snow. Flooding was expected to remain a danger through the end of the week.

Especially heavy rainfall was forecast from northern California to southern Washington. Some locations could see up to 3 inches of accumulation. High winds, between 35 and 45 mph also were possible, with gusts approaching 60 mph in some locations.

Snow was expected across Idaho and western Montana. Accumulations could range from 4 to 8 inches. Rain showers will fall in lower elevations.

Scattered rain showers were possible from Louisiana to the Carolinas. Precipitation should be light, though some afternoon thunderstorms could produce brief heavy downpours.

A cold front moving across the Great Lakes region and portions of New England will bring colder air and a few snow showers to these areas. Scattered lake effect snows were possible across western New York, but accumulations were expected to be light.

After a morning of dense fog, skies should clear slightly in the mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley regions.

High pressure will continue to bring fair and dry weather across the southern Plains and the Southwest.

Temperatures should reach the 30s and 40s in the East, Midwest, lower Plains and Pacific Northwest. Readings could climb into the 60s and 70s in the South and the desert Southwest. The mercury may only reach the teens in New England.

The nation’s hot spot Monday was St. Petersburg, Fla., at 86 degrees, while the coldest temperature was -25, at Cut Bank, Mont.

Other reports at 4 a.m. EDT. (some atmospheric conditions not available):

_East: Albany, N.Y., 17 cloudy; Atlanta 62 misty; Boston 19 cloudy; Buffalo 23 cloudy; Caribou -11 windy; Charleston, S.C., 60 misty; Chattanooga 60 fog; Cincinnati 46 fog; Cleveland 37 fog; Detroit 35 misty; Hatteras 55 misty; Jacksonville 57 fog; Key West 73 fair; Knoxville 62 misty; Macon 58 misty; Miami 67 fair; New York 33 cloudy; Philadelphia 37 cloudy; Pittsburgh 44 misty; Portland, Maine, 12 partly cloudy; Richmond 49 misty; Tampa 66 misty; Washington D.C. 44 cloudy.

_Central: Birmingham 64 rain; Bismarck 3 partly cloudy; Chicago 32 misty; Des Moines 17 misty; Fort Worth 55 fog; Indianapolis 44 haze; Kansas City 30 misty; Little Rock 51 drizzle; Louisville 51 misty; Memphis 55 fog; Minneapolis-St. Paul 15 cloudy; Nashville 57 rain; New Orleans 66 fog; North Platte 23 misty; Oklahoma City 53 misty; Rapid City 35 windy; San Antonio 62 rain; St. Louis 44 fog.

_West: Albuquerque 44 cloudy; Anchorage -3 fair; Boise 53 windy; Casper 42 windy; Fairbanks -32 fair; Great Falls 42 windy; Honolulu 75 partly cloudy; Las Vegas 48 fair; Los Angeles 57 cloudy; Medford 46 cloudy; Pendleton 48 partly cloudy; Phoenix 57 cloudy; Portland, Ore., 53 rain; Reno 51 windy; San Diego 60 cloudy; Salt Lake City 49; San Francisco 60 cloudy; cloudy; Seattle 48 rain; Spokane 37 rain.

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