Michael B. Jordan wants to do more directing

January 31, 2018

Michael B. Jordan wants to increase the amount of time he spends working behind the camera.

The 30-year-old actor and filmmaker now successfully runs his own production company, Outlier Society, and plans on upping his producing and the projects he takes on in order to “grow” as an artist and creative.

However, Jordan - who landed his first role on screen in US TV series ‘The Sopranos’ aged 12 - is not giving up acting entirely, and will still find time for roles he is “passionate” about.

Asked if focusing on production is his aim in an interview with Deadline.com, he said: “I think that’s a fair assumption. I think in time we grow as people, as humans, as artists. We want to continue to grow and elevate, I know I do. For me, producing and creating opportunities and telling stories is something that I’ve always been fascinated with. To be able to have my own production company, be able to start telling more stories and get more on that side of things, it’s important to me. So I’m not going to put a time-frame on it or whatever, but in the future for sure I’ll spend more time producing and hopefully directing and telling stories.

“Then I’ll pick my projects that I’m really passionate about, that I really want to do as far as getting in front of the camera and I’ll do those as well. It’s about trying to find a balance.”

The ‘Black Panther’ star says that he pursued directing and production because he likes being in charge, something you don’t get to be as an actor.

He told PEOPLE magazine: “For me, it started off in front of the camera, but as you mature and grow in the industry, your taste buds eventually change.

“You’re always being told what to do as an actor and as you get older, you want to be a little bit more involved in the process and express your point of view and your creativity to see how things actually look and come about.”