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Police officers make schools safer -- Marjorie Passman

July 26, 2018 GMT

Dear progressive friends, I rarely differ from you on major issues -- but this time I must. Until there is major gun legislation in our country, we must try to protect the most vulnerable in our society -- our children.

We live in a period of time when any disturbed person can amass weapons, walk into a school and start killing anyone in their sights.

Not only have children been killed, but teachers also have died selflessly trying to save their students. The vast majority of teachers want police officers, and I support their needs.

Yes, each educational resource officer (ERO) must be trained in dealing with children of all needs, and if they do a poor job, they must be replaced immediately. I also would like as many men and women of color to be recruited as possible.

In my many visits to schools as a Madison School Board member, I have seen students gathering around their ERO to chat and to get to know one another. They are seeing, perhaps for the first time, a non-threatening police officer.

Be assured that this is not the inception of a police state. We must do whatever we can to be there for our students.

Let’s not start a war of words and, if necessary, agree to disagree on this subject.

Marjorie Passman, Madison, former School Board member