Rashard Griffith makes an educated choice -- State Journal editorial from 25 years ago

November 18, 2017 GMT

This State Journal editorial ran on Nov. 16, 1992:

Congratulations to UW-Madison men’s basketball coach Stu Jackson for landing Rashard Griffith, and congratulations to Griffith for selecting UW. May the partnership work out for the best for both.

The 7-foot Griffith is the most sought-after basketball player to come out of Chicago in years. One of the factors in Griffith’s decision was UW-Madison’s outstanding record of producing true student-athletes, as opposed to jocks who happen to spend four or five years on campus.

UW-Madison’s graduation rate for student-athletes is about 64 percent, compared to 66 percent for the student body as a whole. The so-called refined graduation rate, which includes those student-athletes who left school before graduation — often to turn professional — but who are still academically eligible to return and complete their degrees, was 83 percent overall. For the men’s basketball team, it was 100 percent. UW’s numbers are far superior to those at many other schools.

Griffith’s mother, Elaine, is a smart woman who has seen too many star athletes exploited by schools that fail to deliver an education in exchange for the youngster’s playing field achievements. She wants her son to have a degree to fall back on.

So UW-Madison was a good choice. It has a basketball program that will give Griffith a chance to shine, and an academic program that will give him an education — hopefully one that will last longer than his jump shot will.