A symbol remains strong in Las Trampas

November 14, 2018 GMT

Last summer, I passed through Las Trampas on my way to Vadito. The San José de Gracia de Las Trampas mission church looked fantastic. The plaster was fresh and strong. Considering the serious rain storms this summer, what a fortunate thing. It is a credit to the community’s strength and effort to keep up so beautifully something not only for themselves, but for us all to admire and love. Thank you all for your care and hard work on a New Mexico treasure.

Emily Talley

Santa Fe

Economic high

Legalization of marijuana for recreational use in New Mexico can be a trifecta for the state. It can jump-start an industry that would create new jobs and contribute to the state’s economy. Legalization can also grow the inflow of young people into the state, which has happened in Colorado and which New Mexico badly needs.


The tax revenues generated by marijuana use can go to address perhaps the state’s most serious problem by improving our schools and attracting teachers with higher salaries.

As an added bonus (somewhat in jest), legalization can lure people from our neighboring red states of Arizona and Texas to come to our deep blue state to share a joint or edible marijuana.

By mellowing out together, we can learn to get along better, which in today’s world would be a coup.

The governor-elect and the Legislature should make legalization a top priority. Let’s do it.

Kenneth Costello

Santa Fe

Eight years wasted

Oh, Susana. Buh bye.

Eight chaotic, wasted years, especially for our precious children, in every way.

Pizza, anyone?

Robert Johnson

Santa Fe

School charter

I am a proud parent of a student at Middle College High School Gallup. On Nov. 16, the Public Education Commission will vote on whether to accept our school’s request for a state charter.

This vote will directly affect my daughter’s education, and as such, it is of utmost importance to me.

My daughter originally enrolled in a different public school. It was not the right fit, and we did not believe she was getting the education she needed.

The moment we enrolled her in Middle College, she was pushed to do her best by teachers who inspired her.

There have been baseless campaigns against our school that have left our family in a state of uncertainty about our daughter’s educational future.

For us, Middle College is the only option for our daughter and her educational needs.


Every student in Gallup deserves a high quality education, and we must put students above politics.

We ask that the Public Education Commission chooses students over politics, and accepts our state charter that will allow our school and its mission to continue.

Amy Jo Mulvaney


Means nothing

Every federal office holder, with the exception of the president, has taken an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The president has sworn to defend it, but the phrase “all enemies, foreign and domestic” is not included in his oath of office.

It is the sworn duty of all federal officeholders, all civil servants, all legislators, all

military personnel, to defend the Constitution against Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, who has clearly demonstrated that he is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, and for whom an oath of office means nothing.

Hans von Briesen

Santa Fe