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Prairie du Sac supplement company sees sales spike after Edgerton dog’s win at Westminster

March 1, 2017

Sales have been up for the Prairie du Sac-based Doctor’s Choice Supplements ever since Edgerton’s prize-winning German shepherd Rumor took home Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Feb. 14.


Rumor has it the company has been working with Rumor’s owner, Kent Boyles, to help ensure the 5-year-old German shepherd is in top health.

“Yes we are the dog supplement of Rumor,” said John Sawles, canine nutritionist with Doctor’s Choice Supplements.

Sawles said the company has seen steady growth, but news about Rumor has given the company a sudden boost.

“Sales – especially in retail – have been booming lately,” he said. “Monday we really gave the UPS man a workout.”

Fido-Vite is a powder supplement that typically is sprinkled over kibble for dogs.

“We do the probiotics and digestive enzymes that are hard to do in kibble,” Sawles said. “There are other ingredients as well, but the centerpiece is the probiotic.”

Frequent travel, constantly changing environments and routines and even changes in water can impact a show dog’s digestion. That’s where Fido-Vite comes in.

“It’s like a super-charged yogurt,” Sawles said. “It works with a dog’s digestive system.”

Rumor’s owner Kent Boyles said the supplement keeps the show dog in tip-top shape.

“It does a good job of keeping her in good condition,” Kent Boyles, Rumor’s owner, said. “It’s good for her coat, her stools and her overall health.”

Doctor’s Choice Supplements has products for dogs and horses. Owner Dean Meyer is a full-time vet at the Lodi Vet Clinic. Meyer raised labradors and corgis and started making supplements for them. His business has been around since the 1980s, but he started the supplement product Fido-Vite in 2008.

“We have a couple suppliers help with the pre-mix – and it the final product is produced in Juneau,” Sawles said. “But it’s all our formula.”

Sawles said the company was elated with Rumor’s victory.

“Before she won it was like,’She can’t lose!’ Sawles said. “But after we couldn’t believe she’d won. There are almost 2,800 dogs in that show.”

Boyles highlighted Rumor’s other accomplishments.

“She was the winningest dog in 2015,” he said. “She was show dog of the year at the American Kennel Club’s Eukenuba Invitational and that had 4,600 dogs.”

Rumor, who is 5, has 104 lifetime career wins.

“Only 40 animals have ever accomplished that,” Boyles said.