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Meet your neighbor: Trevor Closman

January 9, 2018 GMT

Trevor Closman was born and raised in Maxwell.

“I graduated from Maxwell High School in 1999,” Closman said. “My parents still live there.”

Closman recently opened a business.

“I started my own business in October, River Valley Electric,” Closman said. “I do residential, commercial, new construction, remodel, just about everything.”

He worked for Snell’s for 15 years before going out on his own.

“I just saw an opportunity and wanted to serve the community,” Closman said. “There is a lot of work out there.”

Closman has been married to Courtney for just a little more than a year. He has two children from a previous marriage, Tucker, 14, and Aspen, 7. Courtney has a daughter, Gracynn, 6, from a previous marriage, and together, the Closmans have a 3-year-old, Hadley.

“I have two sisters and a brother who passed away in 1996,” Closman said.

He has one basic hobby.

“It has to be hunting,” Closman said. “I do waterfowl, ducks and geese. I have a trailer, and we use portable blinds.”

Closman said he has been hunting his whole life and now his children like it as well.

“Tucker loves it, and the two girls are kind of getting there where they want to go too,” Closman said.

His hobby goes along with a collection he owns.

“I do have quite the collection of duck and goose calls,” Closman said. “They’re just calls I’ve picked up along the way, a lot of impulse buys.”

Closman has lived in North Platte for quite a few years and he likes it here.

“What I like about it is just everybody I know here and the people are great,” Closman said. “It’s such a good community, a real family-based place.”

There is one place he’d like to visit.

“Probably up around where Chimney Rock is where I’d like to go,” Closman said. “I’ve only passed through there, but I’ve never stopped and visited.”

His wife does most of the cooking at home, but Closman likes to grill.

“My favorite is steak and potatoes, of course,” Closman said.

He doesn’t have a nickname, although his mom calls him TJ.

“But everybody else calls me Trevor,” Closman said.

One thing nobody knows about him is what he does in the afternoons on weekends.

“I love to take naps — not many people know that except Courtney,” Closman said with a laugh.