Deputy says ‘time to lock and load’ against Dems, then quits

August 22, 2020 GMT

LOUISVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A part-time sheriff’s deputy has resigned in eastern Georgia after people complained about a social media post he wrote criticizing Democrats.

WJBF-TV reports Jefferson County Deputy Carl Marrison resigned after he was questioned about a Monday Facebook post where he wrote that Democrats want “the police defunded; our guns confiscated; gangbangers given free housing in our neighborhoods; Antifa and BLM to riot, loot and burn free from interference by the police, and most importantly of all — we must admit that America is an evil country, do penitence, and forfeit our God-given rights to the Democrat party.”


Morrison concluded the post by writing “Time to lock and load.”

He resigned Tuesday. Morrison on his Facebook page accused a Louisville City Council member of making the complaint to the sheriff’s office that led to him being fired.

The sheriff’s office said that since Morrison resigned, there will be no further investigation into whether Morrison violated agency policies.