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Two Life Terms, Plus 629 Years

September 13, 1986 GMT

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A convicted rapist was sentenced to two life terms plus 629 years by a judge who promised the defendant he would never leave Louisiana.

″Mr. Fleury, you should have stayed in California,″ District Court Judge Patrick Quinlan told David Fleury on Friday. ″You’ll never leave Louisiana. I promise.″

Quinlan gave Fleury mandatory life sentences on each of two counts of aggravated rape, 15 years on each of two counts of crime against nature, 99 years for an armed robbery and 500 years for an aggravated burglary.

The judge could issue such a stiff sentence on a burglary charge because prosecutors proved Fleury was a career criminal.

Fleury was a serial rapist who took a meticulous approach to his crimes, taking care to wear gloves and destroy evidence, said prosecutor Kevin Boshea.